Network analyzers

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Get information on a large number of electrical variables in real time to achieve maximum energy efficiency of your installations.
CIRCUTOR energy analyzers are suitable for any type of installation and space. They can be mounted on a panel or DIN rail in both high-voltage and low-voltage installations. The offer also includes a unit with an energy accuracy of 0.5S, which measures up to the 50th harmonic component, includes a communication system and monitors more than 700 variables up to the most basic unit, which measures the main electrical parameters and does not include the communication system. All analyzers are very easy to install.
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The offer also includes the portable MYeBOX analyzer, which was specially designed by CIRCUTOR and, thanks to its quality and excellent user properties, especially the simplicity of control using a smart device, ranks among the top on the market. The analyzer will thus find application in companies that perform measurements as a basis for further implementation, as a tool for monitoring and maintenance of the electrical network in order to detect various anomalies in the installation and in many other cases. The construction of the MYeBOX analyzer allows quick connection to the installation and monitoring of measured parameters practically anywhere in the world, which makes this device very efficient.